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Go Retro with Men’s Rockabilly Hairstyles

mens Rockabilly Hairscuts picture
Modern rockabilly culture hearkens back to a simpler age of sock hops and country fairs. Rockabilly music is based on the country and bluegrass styles of Elvis and Johnny Cash. Today, there are many rockabilly conventions where you can buy antiques and rockabilly clothes, listen to 1950’s music, and dance the night away. Most people go to these conventions in period clothes, which, of course, includes men’s rockabilly hairstyles.

Men’s rockabilly hairstyles are those that were popularized by great entertainers like the Rat Pack and Elvis Presley. Because the 1950’s were a conservative time in men’s fashion, men’s rockabilly hairstyles are easy to achieve today, even if you prefer a more modern styling for everyday wear.
Picture of Men’s Rockabilly Hairstyles
 Men’s Rockabilly Hairstyles picture
The basis of men’s rockabilly hairstyles is the pompadour. A pompadour is cut longer on the top and short on the sides and back. You should style your pompadour with grease or pomade. After you have washed your hair, comb in a small handful of grease. You can use a pocket comb or your fingers for the purpose.
Cool mens haircuts:Men’s Rockabilly Hairstyles
Mens Rockabilly Hairstyles picture

Never slick your hair straight back with the grease. Instead, comb it up and let your hair fall naturally back on the top of your head. This will create the height required for a pompadour. If you would rather not coat your head in grease, you can use hair gel and a blow dryer to achieve the same look. Apply gel to your roots immediately after getting out of the shower and then blow dry your hair upside down to create the height you need.
Mens fashion hairstyles picture
Mens fashion hairstyles picture
If you don’t fancy the height of the pompadour, you can create another men’s rockabilly hairstyle by slicking your hair straight back. Again, this method is traditionally accomplished with grease but can be substituted with a wet look hair gel. With both the slick back and the pompadour method you can either part your hair slightly off-center or eschew the part altogether. Men’s rockabilly hairstyles are a great option for a classic men’s hairstyle look or for dressing up for your favorite country or bluegrass concert.


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