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Neil Young's hair last night

Pictures of the wet look hair style.

Spiky Hair Style

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Japanese Celebrity Hair Style from Multiple Angles



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Colour Asan Young Hair

Japanese Male Celebrity Hair Styles

Finding a good stylist can be like searching for your next girlfriend. Ask around and find out which stylist or salon your friends use, or you can ask someone whose hair you admire. Perhaps you have seen a salon around town that looks cool and you’ve been wanting to give it a try.
In this case I would call them up and ask if they specialize in a certain types of haircuts or styles. Would they consider themselves to be modern or classic in their attitude toward style? Edgy or conservative?

You might want to call or drop in a salon and ask if the stylists will give a free consultation before you make an appointment. Find out what their style is and the kind of cuts they are particularly good at cutting. Maybe they are better at certain types of styles than others or maybe they typically do women’s hair. It’s good to find these things out before they start whacking at your hair.

Let your stylist know how much time you spend on your hair. Maybe you aren’t fussy with your hair, or perhaps you…

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Japanese Hair Style Pictures

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Asian Short Hair Style

Asian Short Hair Style