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Robin Van Persie Hairstyle

Robin Van Persie Hairstyle  - Robin van Persie! If you are a football fan's name certainly is not foreign to you. Robin van Persie is a Dutch footballer who born on 6 August 1983 and now play for United after defending Menchester and became captain at Arsenal.

Before Van Persie Arsenal's famous he never played in the Dutch club Feyenoord. What's interesting about Van Persie is a neat hair style.
Van Persie Haircut is short, by making the side slightly shorter than the top, You may wish to ask your barber for neat haircut short by making the top more than the side.
after you get the haircut you can use hair gel hair looks so elegant. , make the top spike.
Here are some van Persie hairstyles that maybe you can try:

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Peter Andre Cool Hairstyle

Peter Andre Cool Hairstyle - Peter Andre is a popular musician australia, Peter Andre was born in London, England before he and his family move to Australia when he was a child. So far Andre has released two singles, namely "Mysterious Girl" and "Flava".
In 2009, Peter Andre makes a Superb comeback after his album A Whole New World in 2006 with his ex-wife. In the same year, 2009, he released his first album, Revelation with a new single "Behind Closed Doors" which reached # 3 on the UK Si ngles Charts.
at 13, Andre wrote his first song with his brother chris "Dream a Little" which later became a part of the album Peter Andre .. At age 16, he became a contestant on Hey Hey its saturday where he was offered a recording contract for £ 46,000. Together with ex-wife, Katie Price, Peter Andre has been blessed with two children. 
For those of you who are fans or likes Peter andre maybe you can try Peter Andre Hair Style . For Hair Style peter andre choos…